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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Communal is now open for lunch.

Come in and try our new lunch menu. It won't disappoint. Open for lunch Tuesday through Friday 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.


Justin, Heather Lea and Atticus Zweig said...

We were so excited to try out this new establishment, being such big fans of Pizzeria 712, but were deeply hurt that we had to leave the restaurant over the fact that we had brought our baby. An actual quote from the rude man who greeted us at the door, "I'm really not sure we have anything that would accommodate a child." He wouldn't even seat us. We'll never go back to a place that doesn't welcome families and I'll make sure to publish this fact in any Utah magazine I can.

Colton said...

Justin, Heather Lea & Atticus-
I hate to find out this way that you left our establishment feeling hurt. That certainly is not what we are about. It is true, we are a tiny restaurant but it is never our policy to discriminate those toting babies and those without. In fact, on any given Monday(my day off) I can be seen toting my own little ones around town. We get busy and sometimes we forget that we are in the business of being accommodating. That is no excuse, just the simple truth. So lets forget the angry last sentence and get you back in so you can be a part of the experiences that are happening inside.

Anna said...

It was incredible. I don't know what I liked more, the amazing food or the amazing design. Beautiful place, delicious food. A little bit of heaven. Thanks.