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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some amazing shots of our place.

We have been so pleased with all the amazing photos Pictorial Studio has taken for us. They have been so great to work with as well. Don't you love these?


jen said...

beautiful photography and even better looking food said...

what a great space- planning to check it out tomorrow night! it's great to finally get some sustainably-focused restaurants in utah valley.
p.s. where are the beautiful pendant lamps from?

Horsley Family said...

great photos! just dined there for the first time earlier this week and i must say i LOVED everything about it. the food was AMAZING (I tried the halibut, steak, chicken, au gratin potatoes, squash, mushrooms, and the to die for chocolate & caramel tart), the service was perfect, and the atmosphere was so cozy, chic and welcoming! i wish so bad you'd open one in slc, but until then i'll continue to drive down for it.... it's that good! congrats on such a success!

Colton said...

When you stop by to dine ask for a card from our designers. The pendants were custom made for us but they will be able to point you in the right direction.