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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food Inc.

It's about time we woke up from the dream of cheap, fast food. The idea that food, the nourishment that keeps our amazing bodies alive, can and should be inexpensive, immediate, AND tasty all at the same time is a lie that we've been told over and over by very seductive marketing campaigns. The fast food empire is unsustainable. Real food costs real money, created by the real sweat of human beings. Work=productivity=goods=wealth. A products' worth can only match the labor and elements that went into creating it. Which makes one wonder the true worth of a $.59 hamburger. Please watch this movie. And let us know how you are going to change.


Camille said...

After watching this movie we decided to buy food locally as much as possible. It's an adjustment as it's not always convenient and it is sometimes more expensive. To help with the transition we decided to buy all natural or organic when local was not possible.

It's a slow transition for us, but we've had wonderful experiences learning about where our food comes from. The more local the food, the more simple the answer.

Thanks to many local restaurateurs the choice to eat out locally isn't a hard transition at all :)

only a man said...


You still thinking about putting together a showing of Food, Inc?

We could serve Junior Cheeseburgers ($.99) and Twinkies (how do they get the filling in there?)!


Layla said...

Watching this movie changed me, it even made me cry when I was speaking to my husband about it.

My husband and I have made a commitment to change our relationship with food by buying locally and eating organic foods. Having the knowledge of knowing where my food has come from is a right I and everyone should have.

I live in Seattle, so my journey might be much easier for me than others (we have a farmers market going almost every day of the week), but it's not going to stop me from encouraging my Utah family to do the same.

I'm so happy that there are wonderful local restaurants in Utah County that are helping in supporting the cause! Thanks for encouraging your readers to watch this film.

Jenny said...

We told all our friends to watch the movie. We also started buying organic as much as possible, and are requesting Costco and Sunflowers and Maceys carry more organic and grass fed/hormone free food. Who knew organic milk was what milk tasted like in elementary school?

imageseer said...

Michael Pollan's Books have been following the trail from our 'cheap food' to their true costs. Not only what we eat, but how we eat has been a direct result of the mindless pursuits of profits. The movie was well done and did give me some hope to our culinary future, that their are some who see the importance of maintaining a centered life

Stephanie said...

This film changed my life. Truly.

Also, it doesn't look like you guys saw the write-up on my's the link. I had lots of wonderful things to say about Communal...of course! Enjoy!